Jalsa Salana 2020 / September 4th - 6th in Karlsruhe, Germany


Purpose of Jalsa Salana

This is not a festival but a Jamaat convention. Do not waste time in personal meetings, buying and selling or showing off the latest fashions. Greet each other with a smile. If you have any ill feelings, end them with a smile in these days. Spread good deeds and encourage others to do the same and desist from bad practices. Those who come to attend Jalsa, must participate in it fully, and not roam around aimlessly; instead they should derive maximum benefit from the program.

Blessings of Jalsa Salana

Ahmadis should participate in the Jalsa with full zeal and vigor. This is your Jalsa Salana. Do not be absent without any valid reason. Some people come for only two days or one day instead of all three days and their objective is to meet friends rather than gain the blessings of the occasion. If the blessings of Jalsa are kept in mind, they should attend all three days and listen to the speeches and other programs in silence paying full attention. Do not waste this precious time.

Advice for Hosts & Guests

On some rare occasions some local drivers offer a lift to the guests in their car and then demand money. This is against the spirit of hospitality; people should refrain from this practice. To honor and serve our guests should be our aim and we should serve them with sincerity and with the spirit of sacrifice.
Guests should remember that all these arrangements are temporary. The volunteers work very hard to serve the guests, but if occasionally, there is any shortfall, it should be tolerated. If any guest finds a shortfall, he should bring it to the attention of workers on duty. There is no need to get angry. The arrangements are on large scale and there are bound to be some deficiencies. These should be tolerated and ignored. There is a reward also for suppressing anger.

Advice for the Organization

Treat your fellow workers with respect and honor; and perform all your duties together in an atmosphere of love and friendship. The hosts must perform their duties of hospitality in a pleasant manner and continue to do so as long as the hospitality period continues. It is not acceptable that the workers disappear immediately after the Jalsa is over, and those in charge are left in embarrassment. Perform your duties fully, diligently and honestly. Similarly, if workers find an upset guest, they should apologize politely and try to remove and solve his difficulty. Remember! You should never speak to your guest harshly or discourteously.

The Main Hall serves as a Mosque

Remember the etiquette and sanctity of the place in and around the mosque. Since all arrangements during the Jalsa are being made in the Jalsa Gah, the main halls serve as mosques. Therefore, remember to observe the sanctity of the mosque in the Main Hall. Please maintain order and discipline and do cooperate with the staff members.

The offering of prayers

Spend the days during the Jalsa specifically in the remembrance of Allah and reciting “Durood” prayers of blessings for the Holy Prophet (saw) and offer the prayers (Salat) punctual. Many guests arrive from far and wide and if they fail to offer the prayers at their respective time then they are not fulfilling the purpose of their participation. Even in the kitchen and other working spaces, which cannot be left at short notice, it is important that those in charge ensure that everyone is able to offer his prayer. Occasionally children start crying whereby other praying persons are impacted in their concentration. In this case parents should, whether fathers or mothers, try to calm down the children inside or outside the praying hall.

Mobile Phones

Please switch off your mobile phones during the prayers. Some people have the habit of bringing in their phones and leaving them switched on. Then the phones begin ringing, it diverts attention from the prayers.

Etiquettes of Conversation

Refrain from meaningless talk. Conversation should be carried out in a low voice and with due respect. Acrimonious talk should be avoided. Some people talk loudly and in a rude manner habitually or sit in groups and indulge in loud laughter. Try to avoid these practices as much as you can during the three days. In fact avoid these altogether. This is not considered a god habit anyway.

Maintaining Cleanliness

During the Jalsa Salana children and adults generate waste which is left on the walkways of the premises. Whoever is responsible for this wrongdoing it should be noted that the litter should be collected anyway. Please do remember that cleanliness is half of the faith. Do not cause any concern for the working staff. Remember: You all are responsible to ensure cleanliness.

Advice for Women

Ladies are advised that they should take care not to roam around aimlessly. However, those ladies who are not Ahmadis and do not observe Purdah, should only be requested to do so politely. There is no need for force or coercion. Spread the habit of keeping your head covered. It should be remembered that we are spreading our time in a spiritual environment during these days. We should not try to find excuses not to observe Purdah.

Etiquettes of Dining

It has been observed that a lot of food is wasted during these days. It is generally a good practice to take only so much in the plate as you can finish and thus waste nothing. Teach the same to your children. Demand only as much food as you can consume. However, those on duty are instructed that they should never refuse anyone who wants food. If they see someone wasting food he should be reminded affectionately not to do so but no worker is expected to use harsh words or rude language with guests.

Guidelines for the Bazar

The Bazar shall remain closed during the main sessions. Neither the guests should urge the shop owners to open their stalls nor should they remain on the Bazar on that time. Please refrain from throwing your litter on the ground. Large numbers of waste bins are available on the premises. Food items for immediate consumption and children’s toys should not be bought into the main hall.


It is important that for security purposes you should remain vigilant all the time. Be vigilant and if you notice a stranger, inform the relevant department immediately. It is not advisable to intervene yourself personally. Make sure that after arriving at the premises you get to the mandatory security check. You ID Card should be attached in a visible position and if you see someone without an ID Card then guide him kindly to the registration office. Take care of your cash valuables personally. The staffs in charge of the Jalsa Salana take no responsibility for any loss, stealing and damage.

Registration at the Jalsa Salana

As in previous years the main registration office for men will be at the P3 Parking. This has been decided in order to make sure that the walking routes for guests are as short as possible. The registration office for women remains at its place.
Important: Guests who have a pacemaker should inform the staff at the registration office. Their ID Card will be indicated with a sticker so that they won’t have to take the ordinary security check. Please make sure that you arrive as early as possible, because the admission control, security check and a possible issuing of a replacement ID Card could probably be time-consuming. Especially at the main arriving times longer waiting periods are possible.


All members of the Jamaat, namely those who are ID Card holders with a barcode sticker on it, can go to straight to the main entrance of the Jalsa Salana premises. After scanning procedure they will have access to the interior area of Jalsa Salana. All others are requested to go to the registration marquee.
Members who have forgotten or lost their ID Card have to fill a confirmation form with a signature of their local President (Sadr) or any other Jamaat member in order to get access. Therefore a provisional Card will be issued. If you don’t have a card then relatively long waiting periods can possible. Hence, prior to commencement of your journey please do check if you have a valid access card. If not, then get in contact with the AIMS department. During the scanning of the card your identity is verified. When everything is consistent then after a short comparison with your digital picture the access to the Jalsa Salana will be granted. If your access has been denied unduly then please keep patient in order to facilitate a rapid resolution of the matter by the staff in charge. Many barriers have been established in order to split the masses and thereby enable shorter waiting periods. Thus, refrain from relocating the barriers and the inadmissible creation of short-cuts. Don’t push and show consideration for children and elder ones. As an Ahmadi Muslim always remember to behave properly and spend the waiting period calmly and in silent prayers. Show your understanding in possible inconvenient situations.

Special Cases at the Registration

If you don’t have your ID Card and/or barcode sticker with you then you must report to the registration office. A scanned barcode on a valid entrance will provide you access to the premises. Those persons who witness the membership on the confirmation form should only confirm people they know. In case you forget your ID number or apply for a renewal of the card because of a move, then difficulties are likely to arise. Please check that in advance.
The presidents of the local communities are requested to check following points and if necessary report to the general secretary office as early as possible:
1. Is every member of your Jamaat in possession of an ID Card? If someone has no ID Card or he/she has lost its ID Card then he/she should fill up the ID Card form immediately and send it to the headquarters.
2. Is the barcode sticker of one of your members damaged or not useable anymore? If this is the case then do send a list of names and ID numbers of these persons to the headquarters.
3. Please check the Tajneed data of your Jamaat on time and make sure that any necessary corrections required are carried out.
Important: The ID Card or barcode sticker will only be provided by your local president. In case of loss of the card please contact your president and not the headquarters directly.

Parking Space for the Disabled

Disabled and invalid people are provided with parking space next to the main entrance. In order to benefit from this opportunity a special form has to be filled and sent to the headquarters, because the available spaces are limited. Therefore send the form by letter with the attached certificate of disability to the Jalsa Salana Office. If no official certificate of disability is available then a confirmation by regional/local Amir or local president is mandatory. All applications have to be sent not later than April 30th so that the parking card can reach you on time.

Arrival from motorway A5

Many guests will choose the motorway A5 to approach the Jalsa Salana. Take the exit “Karlsruhe Süd” on the A5 and afterwards the subsequent exit. Following this road you have to take the second exit towards “Messegelände Karlsruhe”. From this point on you will Jalsa Salana signs along the way. Next to the fairground Karlsruhe you will reach the junction between “Messehalle” and “Messering”. At this junction the volunteers of the traffic department will be present and guide you to your destination. From this junction on the P1 parking permit holders will be guided towards “Messehalle” and all others towards “Messering”. The volunteers will be present in both directions. We explicitly ask you to cooperate with the staff of the traffic department.

Arrival through the City over the Road (B3)

Guests who drive from the city of Karlsruhe following alongside the road B36 towards fairground Karlsruhe are asked to turn left at the junction between “Grünwinklerstraße” and “Messering” carefully, because the traffic light phase is relatively short and the road is quite busy. Please keep sufficient clearance to car in front of you. This junction requires much attention.
Guests who drive from the city of Karlsruhe following alongside the road B36 towards “Messegelände Karlsruhe” and are in possession of a P1 parking permit should drive from the junction between “Grünwinklerstraße” and “Messering” straight on to the “Grünwinklerstraße”. Then after driving approximately for 3 km make a U-turn and drive the same road back until you reach the fairground of Karlsruhe. The staff of the traffic department will be present there; please park according to their instructions.
Guests with a parking permit for disabled persons are requested to drive to the P2 parking. The staff on site guides you to your parking space.
Important note:On the surrounding of Jalsa Salana there is further parking that do not belong to the fairground on which it might be prohibited to park. Such as resident’s parking spaces or private parking spaces. The parking space provided by the Jamaat has a special advantage: Staff of the traffic department do safety patrols in order to facilitate more security. In case of an accident on the Jalsa premises you should report to the police. It is not allowed to distribute advertisement or flyer on the parking unless an approval has been given by the authorities.

Arrival by Public Transport

From Karlsruhe main station you can make us of the Jamaat’s transportation facilities or take Line 6 (Towards Daxlanden/Rappenwörth) or Line 4 (Towards Waldstadt) until “Europaplatz”. Then Change to Line S2 (for Rheinstetten) and get off at “Messe/Leichtsandstraße”.

Reception of Guests

After passing the security inside the Jalsa Salana premises the helper of the Reception department are ready to assist you with your taking your luggage to your destination (i.e. accommodation hall or catering tent) or helping you to become familiar with the whole area. Further information is also available at the department of reception. The staff is in the main entrance hall next to the exhibition organized by the department of Tabligh. The department of reception is as usual also present at the Main station of Karlsruhe in order to welcome the guests of the promised messiah (peace be upon him). The staff can be identified at the main station by their green wests. Please follow the instructions of the staff and children should be held under special supervision. Drinking water and help with the wheelchair and its transportation by the staff is also available there.

Manners in the Main Hall

The ID Card should be held clearly visible for the security staff as you enter the main hall. Always keep the escape routes free for emergencies. If you are carrying bags then keep them readily open to make sure that the security staff has an easy access to its content. The visitors and guests should be in the hall in good time before the session starts. The hall should be filled with listeners. A special attention should be drawn on this aspect.
Every session is broadcasted by the worldwide television station MTA live throughout the world. It is inappropriate to wave your hand into the cameras during the lectures. Please make sure that children also refrain from such actions.
The carpet will be taped in order to indicate straight lines for the communal prayer towards Qiblah. The guests are requested to stick to the straight lines and should ensure that the neighbor is standing and praying accordingly.
Guests who are not able to sit on the ground have the opportunity to take a seat. Please remember to get the necessary sticker from the department for special cards on time. The respective sticker allows you to take a seat in the chair area. Please affix the sticker on your ID Card so that it’s visible for the concerning staff.
If you take a seat in the chair area then you have to put the chairs in the Qiblah direction by yourself, because the stage is not. It should be noted that that all chairs are stuck together and that might cause you some inconveniences. Therefore we apologize in advance.

Supervision of Children

Parents have to ensure that every child should wear his ID Card visibly und on the back side of the card the name of the parents or relatives and their telephone number should be written on it. Please don’t leave your children unsupervised.

Behavior in Emergencies

In case of an emergency don’t panic and try to stay as calm as possible. Report the occurrence to the staff on site and follow the instructions given. Try to keep escape routes clear and keep an eye on the signposting for meeting points in case of an emergency. First and foremost bring children, women and elder people to safety. It is important that you keep rescue ways for fire brigade, emergency doctor, police and the helpers of the security department free.

First Aid

The guests are requested to bring their health insurance card with them. Please ensure adequate fluid intake. Before you take the prepared meals in please make sure that the ingredients are well tolerable for you.
The guests are requested to take the regular medication with them. Certainly there is some medication available at the premises, but it is limited to first aid and other emergencies. A blue prescription in an emergency can be issued, but the invoice for the medication at the pharmacy has to be paid personally.
The medication can be kept cool and stored in the first aid department. The department provides for acute assistance. If consultancy in cases of chronic (prolonged, complex) diseases is required, then it is only possible if apart from emergencies time is available. If a satisfactory medical treatment is not ensured then we ask you for your understanding. We are convinced that only Allah is the healer. We as doctors are only a mean.